Oracle 1 - the AV Allstars play to save David Hall
16 Dec 04

0.1's Christmas knees up is in Somerset >>>

0.1 Wows Sir Trevor at Philip Lawrence Awards
8 Dec 04

Sir Trevor Macdonald blown away by 'spectacular' show at Philip Lawrence Awards >>>

Leeds debate produces Punk Film Manifesto
28 Oct 04

0.1 chaired a panel at the Leeds International Film Festival asking if cinema is on the cusp of a punk film revolution. The answer from the audience was not only a resounding YES, but the audience and panelists even produced a 7-point manifesto >>>

Love symbol threats lands man in court
28 Oct 04 : 05.14

Ian Barrowman went outside armed with a Welsh love spoon after hearing what he thought was a cat nearby cont >>

Supermodel ads depress women in 60 seconds
28 Oct 02 : 03.33

Looking at a picture of Claudia Schiffer or Elle Mcpherson has an 'instantaneous' effect on women, making them depressed and anxious cont >>